Our industry-leading solutions, designed to streamline, manage, and scale your business, are the best value on the market.

We boast two ERP platforms:

S2K Vision™ (formerly S2000) and GlobalEdge™ (GE)


While both platforms are complete service management solutions, S2K Vision™ caters to the SMB segment of the market, while GlobalEdge™ is far more robust, making it ideal for the enterprise level.

Both platforms integrate with our ancillary field technology product, Global Field Solution™ (GFS).


GFS is a combination of our state-of-the-art GPS, Global One Fleet™ (GOF) + Remote Field Service™ (RFS) technology, enabling your technicians the luxury of going totally paperless in the field for a fully-integrated solution with the back office.

GFS requires either S2K Vision™ or GlobalEdge™ to operate.

Quite simply:
Our laser-focused products equip you with the most comprehensive tools and resources critical to thrive in your respective service industry.  As such, we are confident our suite of solutions will be your last software purchase.