Simplify Warranty Management and Claims Processing

Gain visibility into parts management, pay out claims efficiently, and gain greater visibility into warranty management with end-to-end solutions for field service companies. Davisware’s GlobalWarranty is the industry’s most widely used, web-based warranty management and claims processing software for commercial and residential equipment manufacturers.

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Enhance Service Agent Relationships with Customers

Easily maintain customer records and manage multiple brands—all under one account—with our core customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Within a single database, you can also:

  • Organize communications
  • Better track and interact with your customers, service agents, and distributors
  • Quickly set reminders and notifications during the claims process
  • Add notes for team members
  • Provide your field techs access to all customer histories, activities, and more

Streamline Claim Management and Incident Tracking

Decrease rejected claims and speed up the incident diagnosis and resolution process. Set predefined acceptance criteria for agents so that claims are instantly validated and processed. Quickly search and view claims by submission date, service provider, status, disposition, and more. Receive real-time equipment history and tracking details from service agents as soon as they begin diagnostics or service.

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Centralize Serialized Equipment and Parts Management

Uncover repeat problems and the true lifetime value of equipment. Product registration capabilities allow you to retain visibility into installed equipment and easily perform a full equipment history analysis based on:

  • Work order status
  • Fault codes
  • Action codes
  • Model numbers
  • And more

You can simplify part returns and expedite reimbursements through the return merchandise authorization (RMA) process. Set notifications and easily check in parts as soon as they’re received.

Boost Business Intelligence

Identify problems and spot trends faster with real-time data insights. Enhanced custom reporting capabilities allow you to get a clear read out on claims, equipment, parts, model, service agent and customer data. Leverage insights to inform several functions of your organization including engineering, sales, and leadership, and your attending service agents and distributors.

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Experience End-to-End Integration

Prevent double entry, enhance collaboration with service agents, and streamline your claim acceptance requirements—all within our fully integrated platform. Receive real-time alerts and updates when agents accept or deny dispatched claims, and remain informed until the claim has been paid out. Agreed upon or flat labor rates, price lists, and rates can be calculated and set per individual authorized service agent (ASA). GlobalWarranty seamlessly integrates with our other industry-leading business management software, including our enterprise-level solution for field service organizations, GlobalEdge.

Integrate Payment Processing

Easily track invoices from service agents, pay out claims efficiently, and search claims by reference number, authorization number, or invoice. Secure payment processing tools make it easy to send checks and ACH payments to service providers and validate parts purchased via third-party suppliers.

  • jason krainer

    Davisware continues to enhance their GlobalWarranty solution for manufacturers and service agents, to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. With GlobalWarranty, we have been able to accelerate claim processing speed and accuracy. This has allowed us to identify equipment failure trends much, much faster. And when utilized in conjunction with service agents, the collaboration tools within GlobalWarranty really helps you to pay out claims faster, and eliminate double entry and paperwork.

    Jason Krainer
    Warranty Manager, Alto-Shaam

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Efficiency Catapults, Claims Are Streamlined.

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Save time and money and reduce the risks associated with warranty claims and incident processing—all with GlobalWarranty for manufacturing businesses.